2022 Policy Address Proposal by Path of Democracy

Hong Kong unleashed a new chapter for development. Under the principle of “patriots governing Hong Kong”, the election of the chief executive was successfully held, and people’s hearts were reunited. People from all walks of life sent their own suggestions to the new government for improving people’s livelihood and welfare. Government officials also took the initiative to reach out to the people in their districts, hoping that their policies would be closer to people’s demand and expectations.


Path of Democracy expects that the new government can improve their governance in three aspects: administrative capability, political capability and analytical capability.

  • The administrative ability of officials is the ability of the government to communicate and coordinate with all stakeholders well on a routine basis, so as to avoid conflicts among citizens and smoothen implementation of policies for benefiting the community.
  • Political capacity refers to how the government conducts adequate consultation with stakeholders before formulating policies, so as to show respect for the public and grasp their needs.
  • Analytical capacity means that the government adopts an evidence-based attitude and scientific methods for the preliminary work of policy formulation and evaluation of the later stages of policy implementation, so as to clarify the scope or context of social problems, which can help the government in all aspects of implementation and governance in the future. Hence, these can generate a more comprehensive impact in the society.


Each Hong Kong citizen wants to improve their quality of life. However, the long-standing problems of Hong Kong society, such as the upward  mobility of young people, land and housing supply etc. cannot be solved by the society alone. The government should proactively come up with plans for providing timely assistance to citizens who are facing difficulties and uncertain prospects by their own. Letting citizens to have hope and continue to contribute to our society.