Path of Democracy (PoD) is a mission and action driven think tank that strives to create   maximum room for democratic development under the principles of One Country Two Systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy…


Path of Democracy was founded at one of the most turbulent times of Hong Kong’s history. Our founders came together to seek a new way out, and laid down principles in a manifesto that became the credo of Path of Democracy…

Board of Governors

Convenor: Ronny TONG

Mr. Ronny Tong was born in Hong Kong and has received his education in both Hong Kong and England. He holds an LL.B. with first class honours from the University of Hong Kong and a B.C.L. with honours from the Oxford University.

He came first and was awarded first class honours in England’s Bar Examination and was called to the English Bar and the Hong Kong Bar in 1974 and 1975 respectively.