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Fundraising Gala Film Presentation: Sen Sen

Path of Democracy was founded in 2015. In celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the founding of the Path of Democracy, we are holding a Fundraising Gala Film Presentation (“the Event”) in late October.

Path of Democracy is fully committed to fulfilling the goals of our mission statement by producing quality studies and reports like the bi-annually “One Country Two Systems Index” reports, the “View on Increasing Land for Development and Homes” report; the founding and continued operation of the “Hong Kong Academy of Politics and Public Policy”; the monthly “Lunch with our Leaders” series which is specially designed for our international community, and other social engagement works spearheading “The Third Way’.

To continue our works, we do need your support!

We are happy to invite you to a Gala Film Presentation of “生生 (Sen Sen)”, as an important part of our fundraising programme this year! The film is based on one question “What is death?”. This may be a tough question for a young kid like Sen-Sen (starring Chaster WU 吳至璿) who recently lost his brother. As he inherited his brother’s cell phone, he found out that his brother had been following an online webcast named “Live more than 100 days.”

The star of the webcast is granny Lili (starring Nina PAW 鮑起靜), an immigrant cab driver. She is diagnosed with stage four lung cancers, but she’s striving to live longer than she’s allowed.
We are confident you will like this film. This is a moving film full of life’s meanings. The film received critical acclaims last year when it was presented in various film festivals including the Taiwan Film Festival in Sydney, Australia as an opening night film, and the Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan and was described as “a heartwarming story about life, death and the magical moments in between” and 「2018年最溫暖動人的台灣電影」(Most touching film of Taiwan in 2018).

The film is not yet released generally in Hong Kong until next year, but the Distributor has kindly agreed to let us present this film as a one-off event. We are also honoured that we will have Mrs Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of HKSAR Government as our Guest of Honour of the Event.

Event Information

Date: 26 October 2018 (Friday)
Venue: The Grand Cinema, Elements

Film Screening: 9:30 pm

Standard tickets: HKD$250 per ticket

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