We are convinced, that there remains room for imagination in this city.

To realise our vision, we must nurture qualified, aspiring young political talents, who are willing to step up to responsibility, embrace critique, and act in public interest. The founding mission of the Hong Kong Academy of Politics and Public Policy (HKAPP) is to improve the quality of individuals who aspire to govern, via establishing a cross-sector, trans-partisan platform and consolidating existing institutions of professional training. We seek to develop future leaders who can create new paths for Hong Kong and serve its citizens with an open mind, regardless of their political affiliation or position within organisations.

Senior Executive Diploma in Political Leadership

1. Collaboration with HKU SPACE and experts across the political spectrum

The course will be jointly held, designed, and organised with the School of Professional and Continued Education, University of Hong Kong (HKU SPACE). It delivers the quality of a senior executive programme and addresses the unique political climate in Hong Kong. The lecturers, consultants, and political heavyweights encompass members from the left, right, and centre, such that enrolled participants have the opportunity to be exposed to leaders across the political spectrum.


2. Theory, practice and network building

The curriculum provides students with knowledge in foundational political philosophy and theories, as well as politics in practice, such as media relations and electoral campaigning. Students will have the opportunity to implement a policy advocacy project through field practice and build out their own network. This combination of theory and practice ensures that students are equipped with both the knowledge, soft skills and network required for a career in political management.


3. Diversity in content

A number of veteran political leaders, field experts, and senior executives will be offering lectures on both the conditions of Hong Kong and China, and a wide array of policy areas, including: the current Convenor of the Executive Council, Mr. Woon-Kwong Lam; the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong, Prof. Lap-Chee Tsui; the former Chairman of the Legislative Council, Mr. Jasper Tsang; the former Chairman of the Bar Association, Mr. Paul Shieh etc. HKAPP has also invited Prof. Ming-Kau Chan to lead two sessions on ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and ‘Sino-American relations’, respectively.

This course offers to aspiring politicians the following unique opportunities and experiences:

  • Enhancing their understanding of political theories, policy setting, law, and public financial management;
  • Connecting them to the pertinent government officials, parties, think tanks, corporations,and the media for mutual exchange, so as to build up their social networks;
  • Developing their political leadership, communication, and negotiation skills;
  • Providing them with the opportunities to engage in field work in local constituencies, and thus facilitating their understanding of the public’s views on policies via direct public advocacy.