Path of Democracy (PoD) is a mission and action driven think tank that strives to create maximum room for democratic development under the principles of One Country Two Systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy.

We believe that communications with mutual trust which is conducted under a moderate attitude is essential for the development of democracy. To this end, we have established Path of Democracy as a platform to:

  • Consolidate the majority of supporters of the democratic camp in the society;
  • Promote a moderate political approach in a proactive manner, and to carve out new political horizon in the society;
  • Formulate agenda and construct systematic political discourse;
  • Establish new ideological dimensions in the politics, society, economics and culture of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region together with different stakeholders through research, dialogue and engagement.


Path of Democracy was founded at one of the most turbulent times of Hong Kong’s history. Our founders came together to seek a new way out, and laid down principles in a manifesto that became the credo of Path of Democracy. So the Manifesto reads:

Time for healing in a new beginning

We have come together because we share one common belief: Hong Kong cannot afford to stop in its tracks; we have to find a way out of the current morass as regards the issue of governance.

In our search for realization of the “One Country Two Systems”, the pursuit of democracy and improved governance have always been our most iconic as well as challenging tasks. Iconic because if the Hong Kong SAR can achieve universal suffrage according to the Basic Law, we shall be the first democratic city in China, by which the success of the One Country Two Systems is to be measured. Challenging because in the process of achieving full democracy, how to balance different political interests and aspirations is by no means an easy task. Be that as it may, one thing is certain, under the concept of One Country Two Systems and the Basic Law, there is no , and should not be any fundamental conflict, be it constitutional, political, or theoretical, between China exercising her sovereign power over Hong Kong and Hong Kong practising full democracy.

Today, political reform in Hong Kong is facing yet another saddening defeat. Not only that, but along the way, our society is being deeply divided, mutual trust and confidence between China and Hong Kong is at its lowest point, and our belief and the belief of the international community in the success of One Country Two Systems are also badly shaken. We are facing many urgent and momentous decisions. How to raise the standard of democracy and human rights, improve the quality of governance, strive for social justice, establish a better relationship with China, maintain sustainable development, are but a few of such pressing questions. There is no room for procrastination. We must act incisively to look for a breakthrough.

We are a group of people who are deeply concerned about the future of Hong Kong. We are particularly concerned about the development of democracy and the fulfilment of the promise of One Country Two Systems. We must forge a new road in face of the present setbacks. We must strive for full democracy as aspired by the people of Hong Kong; we must search for and precipitate societal consensus, and work on improving the quality of governance. We are determined to fight for the widest community support; do our utmost to build on mutual trust and confidence. We shall hold fast to our principles and seek engagement and solution from the two opposing extremes of giving up on democracy and antagonistic opposition. We are fully aware of the pitfalls and obstacles that will be in our way, but we firmly believe democracy must be built on fair, inclusive, and pluralistic principles. We must tend to and heal our political wounds, steadfastly fight for and consolidate moderate democratic forces in order to achieve real and long-lasting democracy and better governance.

In other words, we need to begin a new journey on our road to democracy and One Country Two Systems!

Path of Democracy
June 2015