Team Hong Kong, China’s triumph in the Tokyo Olympic Games this year brought joy and excitement to the city, rekindling one’s hope in the future of the city amidst tense socio-political climate in the past two years. Hong Kong athletes’ outstanding performance once again reminds us of the spirit of Hong Kong, diligence, determination and the courage to imagine and dream would bring Hong Kong on to the international stage. Path of Democracy firmly believes that more than ever, our government should seize the opportunity to map out a new vision in governance where the government begins to look far, learn from the past and proactively explore future possibilities. Nonetheless, fellow Hong Kong citizens should also put their trust in the power of change, act on the opportunities so as to better our society.


Liji (《禮記》) read, ‘the society is common to all’ (天下為公), stating the essence of policymaking which should orient towards the well-being of its people. Egalitarianism is a shared value among all Hong Kong citizens, Path of Democracy therefore takes the realization of an ‘egalitarian society’ as the basis of the new narrative of governance in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong we imagine is one in which all citizens enjoy equal opportunities in every aspect of their lives, including equality in housing, medical, education and opportunity.


The name of global metropolis is hard-earned, it is built from the hard-work and determination of generations of Hong Kongers. The future of Hong Kong would only thrive if we could pass on this spirit and maintain this unity through participation in the governance of Hong Kong. Only through collaboration could we reposition ourselves through the competition and cooperation that we would have with mainland China and other foreign countries. To narrate a new Hong Kong story, a story that belongs to all of us, we must work together to release the energy of the city and open doors for ourselves in the process. Path of Democracy believes that Hong Kong shall continue to be a charismatic global metropolis as it has always been.