A Truth and Reconciliation Commission May Help Hong Kong

August 2019

Like everyone in Hong Kong, Path of Democracy (PoD) fervently hopes we, as a community in our collective wisdom, can find a workable resolution to overcome the current difficulties, which many consider to be the biggest crisis Hong Kong faces since 1967. As a think tank, PoD believes that any proposed resolution must be firmly based on the rule of law, with a clear purpose and broadly supported by the community. We sincerely hope to see an immediate cessation of violence, so as to enable the reconciliation process to commence…

Submission to Public Consultation on Archives Law & Access to Information

March 2019

Path of Democracy welcomes the opportunity to comment on the reform of the current public records management and access to information (ATI) regimes. We support the introduction of laws on archives and ATI, which constitute the enabling legal environment for the government’s transparency and accountability agenda. They also complement the open data initiative advocated in CE’s first policy address which called for support for technology research, innovation and smart city development…

View on Increasing Land for Development and Homes

August 2018

Land shortage in Hong Kong is severe. It is reflected in the rising price and rent of not only of residential premises, but also commercial, office and other spaces. Indeed the expensiveness of non-residential space has risen even faster than residential space. Finding land and supplying them to meet the full range of development needs is an urgent task…

Hong Kong Political Culture in the Post-Umbrella Movement Era

May 2016

In recent years there has been drastic changes in the political atmosphere in Hong Kong but they have not been thoroughly examined. In a large-scale survey initiated by Path of Democracy……

Opinion Poll on Political Orientation

Oct 2015

We are convinced, that there remains room for imagination in this city.
Path of Democracy has commissioned the Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong to conduct the Survey on the Centrists in Hong Kong and Political Orientation of Hong Kong People….