The District Council Election that has just taken place, more than seventy percent of voters cast their votes to express their views on the current social situation. A high voter turnout is a sign of democracy. It tells us that the people of Hong Kong are still hopeful about the future of the city and are willing to make their voices heard through elections. Undoubtedly, the election results reflected the public’s discontent and disappointment over how the Government had handled the anti-extradition bill controversy. However, we hope this would not be seen as the general public’s endorsement of the extreme violence that has persisted for months.

We urge the Government to deeply reflect on the election results and take the initiative to understand and address the concerns and grievances of Hong Kong people. We firmly believe that it is only through community’s peaceful expression and Government’s positive response can Hong Kong strive for democracy and betterment of livelihood.

To respond to the current predicament, we again urge the Government to consider setting up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Rebuilding trust in society is a top priority. We reiterate that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission be empowered to analyse the causes of the entire anti-extradition bill controversy and recommend to the Chief Executive the principles for and the major relevant considerations of any amnesty when due judicial process has been completed. We hope this proposal can prompt all parties to put aside their grievances, work toward consensus, and together find a way out for Hong Kong. This election could be the first step of rebuilding hope for Hong Kong. We must seize the opportunity to bring everyone together and put our conflicts and hatred behind us.