Community Lab launched an Animal Welfare survey in July 2019. We received over 200 Hong Kong people’s responses on their views on animal welfare and rights.

Moreover, we conducted a chit-chat gathering on 30 August 2019 to discuss how to improve our existing animal welfare policies effectively.

We are now managing the initial survey result. After data analyze, a detail report will be proposed to relevant government departments and stakeholders for their reference.

Would you regard daily butchering of stock animals (e.g. scaling fish while it is still alive) as a cruelty?

When related department is controlling the population of animals, such as sterilizing stray dogs, wild pigs and monkeys, etc., do you think that these measures contradict with your belief in safeguarding animal’s right?

Would you consider setting animals free into the wild as….?

Do you consider the government or NGOs have already provided you with adequate information and guideline regarding appropriate treatment of different types of animals?