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The scope of our work extends from releasing the “One-Country Two-Systems” (1C2S) Index, aiming at rendering an objective indicator for the public to analyse the implementation of the 1C2S, to the launch of the Hong Kong Academy of Politics and Public Policy with HKU SPACE, hoping to educate a new generation interested in politics and public affairs. Path of Democracy also holds the Lunch with Our Leaders series to provide a platform connecting together various sectors and the international community in Hong Kong.

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Membership Scheme

We cordially invite walkers and supporters of Path of Democracy who recognize and uphold rational and pragmatic beliefs as well as supporting the effective implementation of “One-Country, Two-Systems” to join our membership scheme and engage in the long-term development cause of Path of Democracy, so as to carry out projects of higher quality facilitating the democratic development of Hong Kong. All approved members could take part in Path of Democracy’s work including policy research and advocacy, community engagement, media relation, marketing and brand promotion. Members may also have a chance to participate in our internal events or activities such as meetings with government officials, academia and people coming from different fields and representing Path of Democracy to make academic visits to other places.

Please fill in the application form with recommendation made by governors of Path of Democracy, i.e. a proposer and a seconder. The application form should be sent to Path of Democracy, 3/F., Kam Chung Commercial Building, 19-21 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, HK or by FAX: 2509 3130 or e-mail:

After the endorsement from the Board, applicants should pay the HKD 200 membership fee before officially joining Path of Democracy as a member.

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