About Us
About Us
We are convinced that our future is more than just imagination

We are convinced, that our future is more than just imagination.

We seek an inclusive, pluralistic, progressive, and civil society. We pursue democracy, value high-quality governance, and uphold the core values of the rule of law and freedom of speech. In addition, we strive to increase Hong Kong’s international competitiveness, reduce income disparity, and advance sustainable development – such that our next generation can thrive in a livable and sustainable environment.

To fulfill our vision, we must nurture qualified, aspiring young political talents, who are willing to step up and take responsibility, embrace critique, and act in public interest. The founding mission of the Hong Kong Academy of Politics and Public Policy (HKAPP) is to provide institutional training via a

cross-sector, trans-partisan platform towards individuals who aspire to govern. We seek to develop future leaders who can create new paths for Hong Kong and serve its citizens with an open mind, regardless of their political affiliation or aspirations.

We are convinced, that our future is more than just hope.

Hong Kong Academy of Politics and Public Policy
Message To Students

An extraordinary and enriching experience to engage with APP (academia, practitioners, politicians) via HKAPP and HKU SPACE, an art of blending to build up the Hong Kong style in political leadership.

  • Dr. Kalwan KWAN Ming-Tak

Well-known for its name as an international financial centre, Hong Kong is said to have undergone a political awakening in recent years. The development is even more encouraging considering the keen willingness that young people have demonstrated. Yet, a fulfilling and impactful political career demands not only enthusiasm, it more importantly concerns one’s concrete skills such as deep knowledge of theoretical concepts, strong analytical ability, thorough understanding of practical issues and sharp political awareness. Our course caters for this difficult task and welcome anyone wishing to prepare themselves for public affairs.

  • Path of Democracy
  • Ray POON Hok-chi
Senior Executive Diploma In Political Leadership
An unprecedented adventure with PoD, HKU SPACE and a panel of experts across the political spectrum