Programme & Course
Programme & Course

It is the Hong Kong Academy of Politics and Public Policy (“Academy”) fervent belief that in order to improve the quality of governance, we must first improve the quality of our politicians. Holding this firm belief, the Academy set up the “Senior Executive Diploma in Political Leadership” Course (“Course”). The Course is a specialized Course offered by the Academy in conjunction with HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (“HKU SPACE”), dedicated and designed to meet the needs and unique political situation in Hong Kong, and to train and develop young political leaders for such purposes.

Course Modules
Module Economy and Society of Hong Kong

This module aims to develop networking abilities and practical concepts of participants. Students will be able to participate in real dialogues with various Hong Kong political stakeholders and if possible, outside Hong Kong as well.

Module Public Affairs Engagement and Campaign Skills

A series of intensive and interactive workshops aim to equip the participants with a set of vital techniques and necessary skills that are directly applicable to their public affairs engagement.

Module Policy Projects

This module aims to provide opportunities for course participants to apply what they have learnt from the other three modules into practice – review and examines various critical/complex issues and challenges in politics, policy making and governance of the Hong Kong SAR.

Module Governance and Politics of Hong Kong

To provide a solid foundation towards Course participants, this module aims to introduce the basic concepts and theories of political science that are applicable to Hong Kong governance and politics.

Field Trip

A field trip will be conducted to allow students to meet officials from local governments, political parties, corporates, media and different think tanks, in order to widen their horizons and understand local political situation and affairs.

Course Information
Course Venue

HKU SPACE Admiralty Learning Centre.

Duration of Course

Ten months, 1-2 lectures a week on some Thursdays and alternate Saturdays.

Medium of Instruction

Generically English, with Chinese supplemented when necessary. Applicants are expected to be proficient and expressive in English.

Course Information
Diversity in content

A number of veteran political leaders, field experts, and senior executives will be offering lectures on both the conditions of Hong Kong and China, and a wide array of policy areas.

An unprecedented adventure with PoD,HKU SPACE and a panel of experts across the political spectrum

The course will be jointly held, designed, and organized with the School of Professional and Continued Education,University of Hong Kong (“HKU SPACE”). It aims to deliver a quality senior executive programme and addresses the unique political climate in Hong Kong. The lecturers, consultants, and political heavyweights come from members from the left, right, and center of Hong Kong’s wide political spectrum, to allow a greater exposure of leaders across the board for enrolled participants.

Theory, practice and network building

The curriculum provides students with the knowledge in foundational political philosophy and theories, as well as politics in practice, such as media relations and electoral campaigning. Students will have the opportunity to implement a policy advocacy project through field practice and build up their own network. This combination of theory and practice ensures that students are equipped with the knowledge, soft skills and network required for a career in political management.

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